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Angela Lynn helps her clients look their best by creating a personal style that matches their personality and lifestyle. Louis Vuitton Outlet specializes in bringing out her clients' best features by choosing colors that compliment their skin tones and clothing that flatters their individual body types. Louis Vuitton Outlet run the gamut from executives and CEOs to performers and DJs.

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Who Am I ?

I'm an engineer turned style guru. (Imagine that!) After earning a B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Louis Vuitton Outlet followed my passion to the fashion capital of New York City. There Louis Vuitton Outlet gained broad experience working for top fashion companies and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I began working with Oscar-winning Costume Designer, Ann Roth, with whom Louis Vuitton Outlet learned how to bring out a person's character through their clothes.

All of these experiences, along with my own personal belief that personal style breeds confidence and goal achievement, led Louis Vuitton Outlet to start my own consultancy.